Season 1 - (plus 4 x bonus videos free)

Season 1 - (plus 4 x bonus videos free)

[FYI] Season one is now included free with any subscription to the Global Safe Program

Episodes 1 - 3 are FREE TO VIEW, just click on the episodes below to play. Episode 4 is a small charge.

An unusual and bloody fare comes knocking at our protagonists door, landing him deep in glare of a gang leader. Follow the story of a taxi driver forced to fight for not only his life, but his family… When the shadows cast brighter than the people casting them, you know you’ve found real evil… So what happens next?…

Episode 1 - An Unusual Fare (Free to View)

Episode 2 - Family Affair (Free to View)

Episode 3 - Happens To Anyone (Free to View)

Episode 4 - Intuition (Small Charge Ensued)

Begin Watching Levelling The Score below, with the first 3 episodes completely open for viewing, what do you have to lose?

4 x Bonus videos- Global Safe Platform

Dr Itay Gil is the world leader in Human Behaviour, Counter Terrorism, and Self defence training. The global safe platform introduces you to our unique training methods, where real world scenarios are use to teach you not only how to defend yourself or your family but to understand that your first line of defence is awareness.

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Season 1 - (plus 4 x bonus videos free)
  • Episode 1 - An Unusual Fare

    An Unusual and Bloody fare comes knocking on our protagonists door, how does he react when it lands him in the deep end, subject to the glare of the powerful and evil leader of the gang he knows nothing of. We sit here wondering, just what the man stumbling down the sidewalk has been involved wit...

  • Episode 2 - Family Affair

    With Itay’s Family involved, Itay is left with no choice but to get into the thick of things himself, is his son compromised? will he be taken out by the Grafton Gang, or will he hold his ground and risk losing it all? When it comes to getting involved with robberies, those close to you, and toug...

  • Episode 3 - Happens To Anyone

    As one man steps foot into the bloody streets, meeting a girl for dinner quickly takes a turn. Can he adapt and and overcome these potential threats… Or will he meet his end? Episode 3 shows that anyone can get involved with the wrong crowd. But how do you effectively deal with it, and what step...

  • Episode 4 - Intuition

    The extended finale episode. After the cliff hanger ending from the last instalment of Levelling The Score, it’s all beginning to make sense, the gang leader bleeding light into every corner of the city, searching, leaving no stone unturned. Will he make a safe exit or be met with bloody demise? ...

  • GlobalSafe - The Teaser

  • RewindSafe 3 - Road Rage

  • AwarenessSafe - Dinning Out

    Awareness, the be-all and end all of survival. Awareness is your first responder, something you might be forced to depend on, and something that can change by the second.

    Do you think you slack in awareness? Want to hone your senses and begin to prosper? Tune in to AwarenessSafe and be the best...

  • Training Module 1 - Multiple Attackers

  • Behind The Scenes - The Movie Short